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These test rigs consist of two torque motors arranged face-to-face (4-quadrants operation) and intended to apply medium to high torques either at low spinning speed or under fully Fatigue conditions (non-spinning).

Besides conventional sine signals and plateau type multi-block programs, high-dynamic real-time –road profile– torsion impact signals can be reproduced. For instance, following tests can be conducted on sideshafts:

  • High torque – high angle at low speed
  • Pull-out (dynamic self-disassembly)
  • Torsional Impact
  • Dual-specimen torsional Fatigue (two specimens tested simultaneously – like two independent Fatigue test rigs)

Performance of these test rigs for standard configurations:

  • Torques up to 11000 Nm
  • Spinning speeds up to 600 rpm when used as Quasi-static
  • Sine frequencies up to 10 Hz when working as Fatigue
  • Angular velocities up to 3600 deg/s

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