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The Compact Impact Test Rig (CITR) is used in impact tests for vehicles’ passive safety according to NCAP procedures, worldwide regulations and pedestrian detection and misuse. Keeping the fully accurate launching technology of the DITS, CITR is a cost-effective compact alternative to it when the customer is mainly focused on components or assemblies belonging to vehicle front-end and bumper, instrument panels and trimming parts, seats and head restraints or protection of the driver against the steering mechanism.

Several Modules which can be set on the CITR:

  • PPBB (Pedestrian Protection and Body Block) for Pedestrian Protection (PED PRO, PP) EuroNCAP (FlexPLI, upper legform, pedestrian headforms), ISO TC22/SC36, R127, ECE631/2009 and R12 (guided headform and body block)
  • PP-HDA (Pedestrian Protection High Dynamics Actuator) for all the test performed with the PPBB Module plus Pedestrian Protection aPLI, active bonnet pedestrian detection (PDI-2), active bonnet misuse (steel ball, small animal, football, wooden stick, etc.) and Euro NCAP kneemapping pulse
  • PH (Pendulum Headform) for R21, R17, R25 and R80

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