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The Dynamic Impact Test System – Hybrid (DITSH) is used in impact tests for vehicles’ passive safety according to NCAP procedures, worldwide regulations and pedestrian detection and misuse.

The DITSH is a modular system composed by two Modules which can be attached to both sides of the arm:

  • PP-Hybrid (Pedestrian Protection Hybrid) Module for Pedestrian Protection (PED PRO, PP) EuroNCAP (aPLI, FlexPLI, upper legform, pedestrian headforms), ISO TC22/SC36, R127, ECE631/2009, active bonnet pedestrian detection (PDI-2), active bonnet misuse (steel ball, small animal, football, wooden stick, etc.), R12 (guided headform and body block) and Euro NCAP kneemapping pulse, onto which the following Add-ons can be set:

– Guided Impact (GI) Add-on for upper legform and R12 headform

– PENdulum (PEN) Add-on for R21, R17, R25 and R80

– Ejection MItigation (EMI) Add-on for FMVSS 226

  • FMH2 (Free Motion Headform Hybrid) compact and high energetic for FMVSS 201U and pedestrian headforms

Performance of the PP-Hybrid module:

  • Launching energy up to 3400 J
  • Velocity up to 65 km/h
  • Velocity precision measured with integrated encoder 0,15 km/h
  • Deviations from Target Point for EC/GTR/FMVSS regulatory tests without trials <3 mm

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