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Test rigs intended for endurance tests of sideshafts and propshafts’ sealing boots made from rubber or thermoplastic elastomers reproducing the vehicle’s operating conditions combining mechanical and thermal loads. The design of these test rigs brings great flexibility and can be configured to various testing needs being capable of testing from a single boot stand-alone up to 4 sideshafts and 8 boots simultaneously.

Performance of these test rigs for standard configurations:

  • Temperatures from -55 to +180 °C and rates to 3 K/minute
  • Spinning speeds up to 3000 rpm for sideshafts or 8000 rpm for propshafts
  • Steering angles up to 60 deg, 100 deg/s and 600 deg/s2
  • Plunging axial movements up to 250 mm, 2,5 m/s and 3 m/s2

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