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The Seats Static Strength (SSS) test rig is intended for strength tests according to worldwide regulations such as ECE R17 or FMVSS 202a as well as advanced R&D testing procedures of top car makers and leading seats makers due to the enhanced loading capacities of SSS.

Each of the three Seat Stations can carry-out backset retention and displacements tests, head restraint tests, seat back strength and height retention tests (applying loads vertically) by means of servo-electric actuators.

Performance of the SSS test rig:

  • Back pan rated and maximum (short time) static moment of 3500 and 5000 Nm, respectively
  • Torso reference line angle range from 0° (vertical) to 75°
  • Head restraint and height retention rated and maximum (short time) static force of 2000 and 3400 N, respectively

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