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Test rigs intended for durability tests of high-performance sideshafts for vehicles with electric powertrains where the torque rates demanded (>25 kN/s) cannot be achieved with the 4-square configuration. Both real-time –road profile– signals and plateau type multi-block programs can be reproduced.

The test rig consists of two asynchronous e-machines arranged face-to-face without gearboxes nor mechanical transmissions, being 2 sideshafts (4 CVJ) mounted in between and tested simultaneously.

Besides torque and speed, either Steering Angles (by means of recirculating ball screw electro-mechanical cylinders driven with servomotors) or Jounce (Suspension) Displacement by means of permanent-magnet synchronous linear motor can be included. The temperature of the specimens’ joints is monitored with pyrometers and air-cooling systems can be included.

Performance of these test rigs for standard configurations:

  • Torques up to 8000 Nm
  • Spinning speeds up to 3000 rpm
  • Torque rate up to 140 kNm/s for overall torsion stiffness 200 Nm/deg (2 specimens in series).
  • Steering angle velocity up to 10 deg/s
  • Jounce displacement up to 2 m/s and 120 m/s2

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