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Charity lunch

Last Friday we organized an event that will probably start a tradition: each of us had to cook lunch at home and bring it to the headquarters so it could be shared with the rest of colleagues. A cash box was left on the table and everyone could put in some coins to help raise money for La Marató, a solidarity huge event organized by the regional TV channel that every year allocates the money for investigation on a different medical topic. This year’s Marató dedicated the funds to the cardiovascular diseases and has raised more than 8 M€ in total. We are proud to announce that we contributed to that cause in collecting 235 € which were doubled by the company Management and sent 470 € to La Marató’s account.

We ate as much as we wanted, had a nice get together with our colleagues and even were pleased with some special Japanese music sung by one of our colleagues. Full stomach, happy heart!

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