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The Pedestrian Protection and Body Block (PPBB) module and its heavy duty version the Pedestrian Protection High Dynamics Actuator (PP-HDA) module, allow both free flight as well as guided impact tests.

The PPBB module is used, among others, for:

• PP EC631/2009 and NCAP (Lower Legform to bumper test, Upper Legform to bumper and bonnet leading edge test, Headform to bonnet and windscreen test),

• PS-GTR Flexible Pedestrian Legform Impactor (FlexPLI),

• R12 Annex 4 and FMVSS 203 (Body Block to steering control system)

• R12 Annex 5 (Headform to steering system),

• R17, R25 & R80 Annex 6 Headform (linear) to seats and head restraints,

• FMVSS 222 §5.3.1. Headform (School bus),

• FMVSS 222 §5.3.2. Kneeform (School bus),

• R95 Annex 8 (Headform and Body Block)

Besides the above mentioned tests and regulation requirements, the PP-HDA is also used for:

• aPLI

• Active bonnet pedestrian detection and misuse PDI-1

• Active bonnet pedestrian detection and misuse PDI-2

• Active bonnet misuse (Steel ball, Small bird, Footbal, Basketball, Wooden stick, Small animal)

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