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Active Lateral Intrusion Simulation system (ALIS) is intended to reproduce the biomechanical loads in the dummies caused by the intrusion of the car side into the occupants’ survival space in side (and far side occupant) impact tests (barrier MDB or pole tests).

ALIS’ mission may be summarized as “Bring the Body & Trimming car’s side parts, dully discretized in representative sections, to a predefined position moving them at the expected relative velocity on that position and beyond, all at the precise instant of time and synchronized with the overall car motion during side impact”.


ALIS ON-SLED: Car motion (acceleration pulse) is created by the catapult and HDA intrusion actuators are set onboard the sled.

ALIS OFF-SLED: Intrusion actuators are attached on a Bench and additional (larger than intrusion ones) HDA Sled actuator creates the car motion acting on a Seat sled (rails onto the Bench) on which the specimen is attached.

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