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  • spc-dest
    25 July, 2017
    ENCOPIM’s SPC (Servo Pneumatic Cylinders) are standard-based pneumatic drives (cylinders and semi-rotary drives) and valves; powered with regular air...
  • spc-hc-dest
    25 July, 2017
    ENCOPIM’s SPC-HC (Hot-Cold) cylinders are equipped with special heaters allow working inside climatic chambers in the range -40 to...

Thanks to the Non-Linear Adaptive Control algorithm NLAC® developed by ENCOPIM and included in our servo control system, similar precision than with servo-hydraulic equipment are achieved but using cheaper, commercial off-the-shelf, pneumatic drivers and electro-valves, which are included in a compact VB (Valves Box). Standard Flow Rates available are summarized on below table.

The following are standard Servo-Pneumatic Cylinders (SPC) and Servo-Pneumatic Cylinders for Hot and Cold environments (SPC-HC):

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