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Custom-made environmental testing chambers to fit projects in which testing under controlled environmental conditions is required. The test rig’s control system monitors the control functions of the climatic chamber, presenting a totally integrated solution. Deppending on the application, different parameters can be controlled:

• Temperature controlled tests (thermal chambers for the conservation, freezing, sub-freezing, heating, cyclical tests heat-cold, thermal shock or fast cooling).

• Temperature and humidity controlled tests (climatic chambers).

• Artificial light combined tests (IR, UV, solar full-spectrum)
The following chamber types are available:

Compact chambers

Within the mono-block chambers, every type of test bench-adapted chamber is designed. These account for different integration possibilities, volumes and temperature ranges, as well as optimizing the interior air circulation, cooling performance and interior tools.

Options: high thermal gradients, doors locking system, observation windows, wall-though holes, air-extraction systems, reinforced trays, cryogenic valve connection for high cooling gradient and cooling system in independent module.

Special tests for the determination of dirt and corrosion indexes in samples might need the following chambers:

– Mud tests chambers, prepared to test samples submerged in acid or alkaline muds.

– Salty water chambers, prepared for the immersion of samples inside different concentrations of sodium chloride at different temperature ranges.

Modular chambers

Walk-in type chambers able to be dismantled, enlarged and moved to other locations, by using self-weight-bearing panels. These chambers are adapted to the test rigs thus presenting a wide variety of wall thickness, floor types, access doors, and complements depending on the testing and cooling/heating needs.

Options: spyholes, observation windows, pressure balancing valves, wall-though holes, interior lightening, air-extraction systems, and safety alarms.

Cold-Heat generators with/out humidity control

For chambers that require further cooling, heating and/or humidity producers, ENCOPIM can install portable heat/climatic transfer equipment connected by means of ducts to the existing testing chamber.

For each particular case, ENCOPIM designs the air aspiration and blowing lines by means of flexible thermal-isolated hoses, thus optimizing the heat losses.

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